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Admission Guidelines

Pre Admission Process

Step 1 : Admission Enquiry:

1. Parents need to obtain the school’s application form, either online or through the school’s admissions office. They should carefully fill out the form, providing accurate and complete information about their child.
Our trained and competent academic counselors are available during the working hours to guide parents through school’s curriculum, facilities, extracurricular activities, admission requirements, and any specific criteria or procedures.
2. Parents need to obtain the school’s admission form, through the school’s admissions office.
3. Once the admission form is issued, the school conducts assessments or interviews, depending on the grade level and school policies.
4. After the evaluation process, the school informs the parents or guardians of the admission decision.
5. If accepted, they will receive enrolment instructions and details about fee payment and further process.

Step 2 : Registration and Admission Process

1. Once admission is granted, parents will need to complete the enrolment process by submitting duly filled admission form, paying the required admission fees, security deposit, and any other applicable fees within the specified timeframe. This confirms the student’s seat at the school.
2. School uniforms and books can be bought from the store as suggested by the admin staff. The requisite lists are available in the stores. The Admission’s Office then informs the concerned departments about the new admission and assigns the Date of Joining to the student.
3. It is important for parents to note that the specific steps and requirements may vary between schools and academic years. Therefore, it is advisable to refer to a school’s official website or contact their admissions office directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the admission process.

Documents to be carried:

List of document (student):
1. Attested copy of birth certificate/ leaving certificate/transfer certificate (by 30th June)
2. Progress report of the last class attended (mid-term/final whichever is applicable)
3. Student Aadhar card copy
4. Student parent handbook (declaration)
5. Student 3 photos (passport size) (child’s name written backside)
6. Caste certificate (if applicable)

List of document (parent):
7. Father Aadhar card copy
8. Mother Aadhar card copy
9. Address proof copy
10. Father 2 passport size photos (child’s name written backside)
11. Mother 2 passport size photos (child’s name written backside)
12. Transportation form (if opted)
13. Family photograph 3.5 x 5 inch