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MI (Multiple Intelligence) Room

“Anything that is worth teaching can be presented in many different ways. These multiple ways can make use of our multiple intelligences.” – Howard Gardner
The Multiple Intelligence Room at our school is a dynamic and innovative facility dedicated to recognizing and nurturing the diverse talents and intelligences of our students.
This room is thoughtfully divided into specialized sections, each catering to a specific type of intelligence. This room caters to the stated various skills: Visual/Spatial (Picture Smart), Linguistic (Word Smart), Kinaesthetic (Body Smart), Logical (Number Smart), Interpersonal (People Smart), Intrapersonal (Myself Smart).
The play area is also divided into sections to offer a variety of play experiences. There’s an area for imaginative play with dollhouses, toy kitchens, and costumes, fostering creativity and storytelling. As well dedicated to physical play, encouraging activities like climbing, swinging, and running.
The Multiple Intelligence Room is not just a physical space but a philosophy that permeates the school’s curriculum. It allows students to explore and develop their unique intelligences, providing a holistic approach to education that values diverse talents and abilities. It’s a place where students can excel in a variety of ways, building self-esteem, individuality, and a lifelong love of learning.
The dry lectures don’t work in today’s scenario. Now – a – days each child is an agentic learner and with the up rise of Educational Technology, teaching – learning process has completely changed. Instead of perceiving all students as alike, they should be treated as having different learning styles, and different ways of looking at the world. So, while trying to bring more visibility to our learner’s thoughts, we introduced MI Room.