Welcome To Shree Jalaram International School

Shri Jalaram Educational and Medical Trust.


The significance of the safety of children cannot be emphasized enough. Be it at home or in school, the lives and safety of children are of utmost importance. To cater to unanticipated casualties, the medical room is well equipped with the required medical aids. There is a well-trained nurse who is present throughout the day on all working days to take care of all medical needs of students. The school also provides regular health check up to all the students. Their height and weight are checked at the beginning and end of each term.
We also keep note on the intake of medication during school hours:
• The medicine must be prescribed by a Physician
• Parents must submit a written permission to administer the medicine to their wards.
If a student falls ill during the day, she/he has to get a pass from the teacher to go to infirmary. A prolonged stay in the restroom, due to illness, but without prior permission, amounts to truancy. If condition warrants, parents will be called to school to pick up the student. Students are administered basic first aid for common ailments and minor injuries. In case of any unforeseen emergency, the initial aid/support is provided as per the need and the parents of the concerned child will be informed immediately. The student will be taken to the hospital. Please be sure to update their immunization records and provide the school with a copy. Allergies, if any, need to be intimated to the school. The school aims at maintaining a clean, organized and healthy environment throughout the school.